Boat Trip Planning and Dinner at Dropadi

More new arrivals.  Gloria last night and John and Susan this afternoon.  We are almost at peak group size now.  On Friday our daughter, Daisy, srrives and also our friends from Cyprus, Pamela and Eddie.  But then people start leaving…..

Had a lazy day on the beach.  We are planning a boat excursion for Wednesday.  To go north along the coast: first dolphin spotting, then calling in at Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach, both only accessible from the sea.  Finally reaching Cola Beach about 45 mins later.  We will have two hours on the beach there, maybe get lunch and then the boat will bring us back to Patnem.  We have the whole boat to ourselves at a cost of a fiver each.  Should be good.

It was Clive’s birthday today.  Clive and his wife Marylyn own and run Eve’s.  When we got back to the room everyone had a slice of chocolate birthday cake waiting in the fridge!  Just right with a cup of tea after a shower.

Last night we all went to Dropadi in Palolem for dinner.  12 of us.  Frede made the reservation but she had to drop out, having some aches and pains.  We had a positive convoy of tuk tuks to take us to Palolem.  I love the sensation of the tuk tripping along the dark lanes, nice breeze rushing through.  Dropadi was as popular as ever.  Absolutely chockablok full.

We had a most convivial evening.  Janet, Joseph and Gloria had gone a little early and been shopping in Fab India and Bunty and had found some lovely things.  I had the mixed lentil and bean balti.  5 different types of beans and lentils cooked in a rich tomato sauce with some cheese on the top.  Honestly…. it’s a filler in itself.  Everything was just delicious.

Back to Eve’s and a last nightcap.  Someone has maybe lost a bit of weight because their shorts fell right down as they got out of the tuk and revealed them fully in their underpants to the whole bar.  I shall protect the blushes of the individual but the loudest laughter came from their wife, it must be said.

I love our version of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel….