Chaudhi and Last Week Begins – haircuts and Goodbye to Joe

A few days of domestics….. my glasses were ready to pick up from the opticians and so we went into Chaudhi for them.  So very pleased….  3 pairs for £70.  That’s a bargain and they’re really nice and good quality.  Bob got some money from the atms.  It remains very hot here.  Chaudhi always feels hotter than anywhere else.  We hurry in and hurry out.

We are entering our last week in Goa now.  We fly to Jordan for our next adventure early on the 26th….  It’s gone very fast this year.

Our time in Patnem is quite different from other trips we take during the year.  We’ve been here a lot of times now and we’ve visited the main “sights” a number of times.  So, being in Patnem is not like being on a true holiday….. we consider it a kind of third home (after Kent and Cyprus) where we come to enjoy a healthy and sociable winter.  We’re “living” here, rather than vacationing.  And living amongst other locals and visitors who have become friends over the years.  So if it seems like this visit is all about eating, being with friends and doing lowkey beach activities….. well…. it is!!!  That’s how we choose to spend the worst few months of the UK winter, rather than going slowly crazy trapped in the house looking out at the wind and the rain.  I can highly recommend it.

We went to the weekly quiz on the beach last night.  We were literally streets in front, romping away,  till the last round when “WE WUZ ROBBED”!!!!  One night we’ll win….

Today we are back at Salida and got a warm welcome from the boys after a few days gone…. they are beginning preparations around the resort for the approaching wedding of the son of Christopher, who owns the land.  It is going to be a massive affair with about 1000 attendees.  We have been invited but sadly will already have left Goa.

Fantastic day on the beach today.  The sea was as clear as I’ve ever seen it and glassy calm until early afternoon when a breeze began to ruffle the surface.  Gorgeous for swimming

joe  came down and we spent the day broiling and then Bob and Joe played cribbage.  Bob and I headed off at 330 as I was having a hair cut in the new salon within Jaali Café.  The man who owns it was until recently a therapist at the Lalit hotel in the next bay.  Have heard very good reports of him from various friends who have been for haircuts, massages, pedicures etc.  Anyway, he gave me a really good haircut for a princely £6.  It looks really nice and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.  Nice clean salon too.  Kate was in there having a pedicure.

Tonight was Joe’s last night and he chose dinner at Zest in Palolem for his last Goan meal this year.  Bob and I went over a little early and bought some shirts and trousers in Fab India for his (Bob’s) birthday present.  Great clothes.  Stuart, Fi, Joe and Bob and myself had a great dinner at Zest.  Then, back to Eve’s and Eddie, Pamela, Deborah and David arrived to have a last drink with Joe before his taxi at 11pm.  We had great banter and fun and then all waved him off at 11.

We then said goodbye to the Tubki 4 (Eddie, Pamela, Deborah and David) as they head off on a week’s tour to Shimla tomorrow morning and don’t arrive back before we leave next Tuesday night.  We will see them next in Cyprus in June.

And now we are 4…….