Turtle Beach, Dinners and Sunsets

Just Bob and I, Stuart and Fi in Patnem now, Pamela, Eddie, Deborah and David have gone north to Shimla for a week.  It remains very hot here, but not humid.  Perfect beach weather really.

Yesterday, we spent the day on the beach in Patnem.  Stuart swum the bay as usual and clocked up about a mile and a half, then walked at least as far.  He’s really made a difference to himself with all the exercise.  Most impressive.  We also spent a lot of time in the water but in a more leisurely bobbing fashion.

Last night we had dinner at Casa Fiesta.  It was a lovely sunset sky.  I had chicken shahslik which is cubes of chicken, marinaded in a cashew and yoghurt paste and then cooked in the tandoori oven.  Delicious.  It came with a baked potato which was a rare treat.

It’s wedding season around here: the time of year when astronomically, it is fortuitous for weddings to happen.  The Lalit hotel in the next bay south from Patnem is hosting wedding after wedding.  Massive affairs with hundreds of guests and lasting 3 days.  We can hear the bass from the beach disco and see the lasers in the sky.  One ended last night with a big firework display which we enjoyed from our table.

Today we breakfasted at Eve’s and then taxi’d the ten minutes to Turtle beach.  The beach was absolutely beautiful today and we spent a lot of time in the water which was glass clear.  We really enjoyed it.  There was a man spearfishing at the mouth of the river and he caught several grouper which he went off to cook.

We went back to Surya’s shack about 2pm for a seafood lunch: rawa oysters x 2, paneer pakora, 2 x special chips, golden calamari, nice bottle of cold white wine, and beers.  A pittance.  We were nearly asleep by the time it was 3:30 and our taxi turned up again.

Tonight we went into Palolem and ate at a place called Babu’s :Little Italy.  Not the finest it must be said.  The gimlet cocktails were revolting.  Bob and Fi had pizzas from the woodburning oven and they were nice but not big.  Stuart and I shared a seafood platter which was good but not more than good.  On the other hand, it was £12 for the whole platter, so…..  Still, don’t  think we’d return.

Back to Eves for a nightcap.  It was really busy tonight.  Everywhere was.