Sunset Dinner in Palolem

We are moving into “last” territory now…. last dinner here…. last dinner there…..  Comforting to know that it’s not for long.  We will always come back here as long as we can still travel.  Inshallah!

The weather continues very hot – 35c – and cloudless.  The sea is really warm and incredibly calm and clear.  This year more than any year in the 10 years or so we’ve been coming to Patnem, it has been notably calm. Only 2 days in 2 months that the wind has got up and I’ve thought “that’s too much for me”….

So, after a day of broiling, we met up at 545 and got tuks to Palolem for sunset cocktails.  We walked a little way down the beach to a place called D’Costas. Really nice location.  We sat on the sands and watched the sun go down over the island and Sundowner where we had our vow renewal and party last year.  Lovely sunset tonight.  The beach was very busy, much busier than Patnem ever is, but nice to experience every so often.  I would never stay in Palolem.  For me, it’s too busy…. too crowded…. but I like to go there some nights for a bit more of a buzzy atmosphere.

We were eating dinner at Dropadi, on the beach.  In my opinion the best restaurant in Palolem and in fact, the whole area.  Wonderful food, great atmosphere and very friendly but extremely professional service.  I just love it.  Tonight I had chicken kastoori, a great favourite: chunks of chicken, marinaded in a cashew, yoghurt and paneer paste and cooked in the tandoori.  Really succulent, moist and tender.  Everyone’s dishes were good.  The next table had an amazing seafood platter.  We were quite envious.

A really lovely evening in every way.