Last Days of the….

Well…. it has come around…. time to leave Patnem again.  Our weeks (nearly 7) here have passed so quickly.  It seems like yesterday we arrived and only our deep tans and slimmer figures tell us differently.  And I cannot help but smile as I look back on our great “gang” this year who provided such good company and much fun and laughter.  Roll on the next time.

Patnem remains a quiet and sleepy place, despite small changes and modernisations over the years.  It still feels like a seaside village where you know all the shopkeepers to speak to and the waiters in the beach restaurants soon know your name and your food and drink preferences.  We love it and can think of no other place where you could spend such an enjoyable extended stay for so little, in such comfort and good company.

Our last couple of days have been spent mostly enjoying the beach and the fabulous sunsets.  Bob and Stuart played golf yesterday morning at the great Lalit hotel course.  As usual, they were the only ones out.  Bob broke his duck by losing 2 balls after all previous rounds being without loss!  The water hazard got him.

Beginning to turn out sights on the rest of our trip now.  Jordan, touring for a week with Lucy.  Then Dubai for a week, staying with her.  Then – and there’s a big question mark over this – we are due to sail back to Europe from Dubai on a cruise.  Our cruise ends in Savona, Northern Italy and we then fly home from Milan.  Not worried about the cruise ship itself which has been cruising out of Dubai for months now, but obviously a bit worried about the end and whether by then we would be able to fly home from Milan.  Don’t want to elongate our holiday by a lovely 2 weeks in a quarantine hospital….  So we’re keeping our eye on that situation.  If the British government don’t alter the travel advice for Italy to be “all but essential” our insurance won’t cover cancellation.  Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Last day at Salida today which was lovely as usual and very peaceful.  Some good swims.  We came back about 330 and showered and then packed.  It’s all gone in ok.

Tonight we are going to Palolem for sunset cocktails and then dinner at Cherry Olive.  Almost certainly their fillet steak for me.  Then will try and get a few hours zzzz before the taxi comes at half past midnight.  We arrive in Amman, Jordan at 0930 tomorrow morning.  Pick up my Jordan blog to read about our adventures there….

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