On to Aqaba and Diving

Still feeling ill, so resigned that my day would be a quiet one.  We set off from Petra at about 9am, stopping at a pharmacy along the way for more cold remedy.  The journey to Aqaba is about 2 hours by car along the King’s Highway.  A really spectacular high desert route with amazing vistas in every direction.  I find this part of the world, so like the Sinai, very evocative.  The warm ochres of the barren desert against the rich blue of the sea.  And I suppose because I know about the technicolour world just below the surface.  I have many happy memories of being here diving in the early 1980s and it will always be special to me.

We are staying two nights in Aqaba at a low key diver’s resort called Darna Divers.  I have stayed in quite a few over the decades.  It’s simple but clean and comfortable and friendly.  The food is really good and there’s a decent pool.  We are south of Aqaba right off the beach where many of the dive sites lie.  Shore diving is very much the thing.  They take you to the beach by truck with your stuff – takes about 3 minutes and then you walk 50 yards into the water.  Easy peasy.   It was lovely to see the sea again after being landlocked for some days.  It is so blue here.  I looked across to Eilat where I learned to dive all those years ago…..

Weather-wise, it’s a different world down here at sea level.  A cloudless 28C with a pleasant breeze.

Anyway, our package includes room and all food and 4 dives.  I’m not sure if I will get any dives in to be honest.  Fingers crossed.  Diving or not, it’s going to be a pleasant couple of days relaxing by the sea.

Lucy and Bob went for a dive this afternoon on the Cedar Pride ship wreck which is about 100 yards off the beach.  A very pretty wreck they said.  Went in two companionways and then through some excellent coral swimthrus.  They really enjoyed it.  Saw a cuttle fish.  Lots of small fish and needle fish.  I sat in the shade by the pool and caught up on my blog and photograph sorting.  Very relaxing.  Cups of tea on tap…..

Tonight we ate outside beside the pool.  Wonderful grilled fish.  The owner and chief instructor came to chat with us – divers’ stories, always enjoyable. always good to share.  He is going to dive with us on Wednesday after he finishes his course and he will bring his camera to take pictures.  Maybe I’ll be better by then…