Aqaba Sunshine

Well, another gorgeous day in Aqaba.  Cloudless blue sky, hardly any wind and around 29C.  I was still not well enough to go diving but I am definitely better than yesterday and I think I may manage to squeeze a last dive in with Bob and Lucy tomorrow morning.

We had breakfast together by the pool and then they went off at around 10 for a two dive trip.. The first dive was to a reef and then to a small plane which they explored.  The second dive to a tank and a reef.  These are all sites within the Aqaba Marine Park — there are about 25 in total.  They really enjoyed them and back that the fish and coral life is good and healthy.

I stayed around the pool, moving position from sun to shade and reading.  I did have a dip in the pool.  It nearly took what little breath I had away, it was so cold.  I swam two lengths rather faster than normal and got out.  No one else has ventured in!!!

This is such a peaceful place, very relaxed and not many visitors on the beach or on the reef.  Not sure if that is normal or the result of reduced tourism with the coronavirus scare.  It is so beautiful though looking across the water to the high peaks of the Sinai.

Bob and Lu got back about 2pm and we had a bit of lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon lounging.  Neither of them went in the pool.  Yah!  Cowards!!

Had dinner around the pool, chatted to the other guests.  This is a really nice little hotel.  Very simple and casual but the food is excellent and the staff are very nice indeed.  Would certainly stay here again.