Days in the Sun

Without rubbing it in, we’ve spent the last two days lazing around the pool, enjoying the sun. It’s just been too lovely to venture far. The forecast for the weekend is a bit more mixed so we have some sightseeing plugged in. It’s a dilemma, I must say. There’s a lot of interesting places to go around here – Paris not included. We feel a bit guilty…. but frankly, we’ve been a bit cooped up the past few months and it’s just so nice to lie by a blue pool in the sun, feel like we’re on holiday and forget about rampant viruses, looming financial crises, rising taxes, huge joblessness and the like.

So, I’m trying to avoid appearing like a smugster with my sunny photos and normal travel service will resume in a few days.

It’s quiet here now the weekend is past. Noticeably less people. Perhaps Parisians come here for a weekend out of the city… I don’t know. Tomorrow Bob is playing golf. The Disney course surrounds this resort. It’s 27 holes and you can play them in a variety of ways. Prices are not too bad. He’s playing one of the 9 hole options for about £30, no buggy. 18 holes for the over 60s is £33 but then he’d have to have a buggy which would add another £17 on. He might do that another day. This is a first toe in the water. He’s going out as a one ball, so to speak, in what I believe is the golfing term ie nobby no-mates, playing on his own. Daisy and me will be….. well…. you know what we’ll be doing….