Golf at Disneyland Paris Golf Course

We had some visitors this morning at breakfast. A group of about 8 wild geese – maybe Canada Geese???? I have seen big flights of them overhead since we’ve been here, no doubt because of the many lakes in this area. Today they came waddling up our lawn and had a nose around the patios. I had some stale bread so I took it out for them which made me very popular. I fed one by hand!

Today Bob went to play golf at the Disney golf course. It absolutely surrounds the Marriott. We are about 3 minutes from the club house. There are 27 holes and you can play 3 different 9 hole courses, or 2 different 18 hole – or – even 27 holes!!! It’s very discreet here. If we were this close to Walt Disney World in Florida there would be very many signs, all manner of directions onto the property and into the park. Here there is literally nothing. I know we are about a mile form Disneyland but thus far I have seen no sign of it, not even a road sign. Weird.

Before golfing of course there is a vital step. Bob’s day started with a bacon baguette at our place. It wouldn’t be golf without a bacon sarnie to set him going.

Bob went to play one of the 9 holes – the Red Course. They don’t have them all open at the same time apparently. It was 30 euro for the 9 holes and he walked around with his clubs on his trolley – 4 miles in all. He really enjoyed it. Said he saw the odd other golfer but no one was playing near him, it was very quiet. The greens were in excellent condition and the fairways were tight he said with very long grass on either side. Very long. 2 of his balls remain there! It was quite hilly – up and down – surprisingly so. It must have been landscaped to be because it is pretty flat around here.

He would definitely go back to play again and if not this time, next time. We’ll definitely be coming back here. It’s a great resort to stay at, especially this time of the year. There’s a driving range too so he’ll have a go at that.

I spent the day at the pool of course. It was very hot, so in and out of the water. Quiet again today. Daisy had things to do in the villa so she’s not been with me today.

We had a change of bed linen and towels today. Everything came in huge plastic bags, delivered to the door. We had to do the actual changing ourselves, then put the used linen into the big bags and put them outside the door for collection. We even got a sealed plastic bag full of toiletries. They have nice ones here. Covid has certainly brought plastic back into our lives in a big way!

Spoke to Lucy. She has her tickets with Emirates to visit us now for 2 weeks. The entry/exit rules for Dubai changed today – they change all the time – and now she has to have tests before leaving and before coming back, as well as written permission to leave and come back (she already had that). It may well change again before she flies on 1st August. I hope so as the tests in the UK have to be done privately and that’ll be another hundred odd quid to pay.

Having a trip out tomorrow. We are visiting an amazing nearby chateau: Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte Very excited for that.