Bob Has Vertigo

Poor Bob woke up this morning with nauseating vertigo. He has had this before but not for ages. It’s caused by tiny particles entering the inner ear. Last time the doc gave him some floor exercises to do – specific head movements – to clear it. Anyway, he spent the morning lying down, till it cleared. Don’t know what caused it to flare up – maybe the a/c????

So…. dustbin men day today. They came about 1030. We’d hidden two sacks of “gone off” cement in the bottom of the bin but they spotted that – as dustbinmen do – and left them behind!!!!! Oh for the days when they took everything.

I had a bit of a search around just making sure my incense boxes weren’t in some weird place…. but no…. I did find the kitchen clock in one of the underbed drawers!!!!! So pleased to find it – it had been with us in Green Hammerton, so an old friend. I found a battery and it was working fine so later on when Bob got up, he put it back on the wall for me.

Just before Bob got up at lunchtime, I was sitting in the lounge and saw one of the quarantine inspectors come up the stairs from the carport. He waved to me, so I went outside so he could check my phone app and the wristband. Rick had arrived (hadn’t heard him) and was cleaning the pool, and he looked a bit alarmed and beat a hasty retreat. Later Bob had a text from him saying not to give his name to the inspector as he didn’t want to get banged up. No chance of that – he wasn’t in the house after all and I was. I asked this inspector – he spoke good English – what would now happen with the PCR to release tests. He said we could go to any hospital on Thursday and get the tests and then we must come straight back and wait for the results (must be lateral flow) and then upload the results to the app and we would get our release. He seemed to infer we would be given a 2 hour time slot to get the test done and this would be by sms but who knows. We’ll just go down to Kyrenia hospital for 9am and get it done I think.

After lunch Bob sat in the gazebo and I lazed in the sun by the pool and had several swims. Gorgeous day as usual. Ran all the water lines. A good day. Not many more days of quarantine to go now. Had a message from Alan that he had been in touch with Ahmet the Surveyor’s office and it looked like we would get an appointment to see/sign the plans next week. Another step forward.