At Last!!! A Text!

We woke up to the dual pinging of our mobiles! It was a text from the quarantine app telling us to go and get our PCR tests tomorrow between 9 and 11. The text was in Turkish so we had to use Google Translate to work out what it said. It seemed to say “anywhere” but we have decided to go to the State Hospital in Kyrenia. It also said that after the test we should go straight back home and stay there till at least 11am during which time we should get our results which we had to upload. Once uploaded and 11am was past it suggested we were free – although I think another text will come. All will be revealed!

Bob was feeling perfectly normal this morning so thank heavens that vertigo wore off. The exercises worked. After breakfast we went around the house touching up places on the walls where people have knocked with cases. There’s a bit of filling to be done too in a couple of places. Of course, there will be white splodges for a while where the new paint is. At least it looks better than a scrape mark. We can’t paint the whole house every year. The emulsion is rubbish compared to the paint we can get in the UK. So thin. Doesn’t cover well at all. Some places will need a second coat, at least. After that Bob went outside and put a first coat of masonry paint on the wood oven. That will need more than one coat too.

The news of the case numbers here is very good and the government have said today that if this continues, when they have their weekly health committee meeting on Thursday, they will look to opening up more of the economy and lowering restrictions. The Sunday curfew will go. I must admit, I can’t see the point in the Sunday curfew personally. I mean….. does the virus know what day of the week it is? Is Sunday such a busy day here? You would think not….. anyway, sounds like the curfew’s days are numbered. Very much hoping the quarantine goes soon too for vaccinated people as expected. The girls will be able to come out.

This afternoon we lazed around the pool and read and swam…… Lovely. Bob downloaded some more programmes for us to watch

Tonight Bob bbq’d dinner. We had sheftali and burgers and sweet red peppers. Just so delicious. Bob wrapped his in tortillas. We ate by the pool, under the gazebo and watched the sun going down. There are so many birds around the house now…. is it because the pigeons have disappeared??? That’s a wierd thing…. 2 years ago there were quite a few and a bit of a problem….. they’ve totally disappeared. Along with stray dogs…. I’m not sure I want to delve into that…..

Anyway, a lovely evening with a momentous day ahead tomorrow….. Our time in quarantine will be over and we’ll be able to start exploring, and seeing our friends, dining out, feeling free. Yes, for the next couple of weeks we have numerous legal things to crack on with too and more home maintenance.