Meetings and Dinner at Tervetuloa

Very windy today even though it was hot! We could see big white horses down on the sea. Slightly sub par today for some reason. I’m very tired and perhaps a bit dehydrated. Anyway, took it very easy and had plenty of rest.

I did a few light jobs – washed two red glass candle chandeliers that had got a bit dusty from the hallway plastering and painting. Made up Daisy’s bed all ready for her arrival. Bob pressed on with the pool terrace light replacements. He got another one installed and 2 more all wired up and ready. They are such an improvement. We ought to be able to salvage 2 of the old ones to use somewhere in the garden. Have to think about where they would be useful.

This afternoon we had a quick trip to China Bazaar. I am looking for a bread tin. Fail. Bob was looking for an electric hair trimmer as the one he keeps out here seems to have died. He was successful! After that we went to the big swimming pool supply store in Karaoglanoglu to look at their LED lights and price them up. They had the sort we wanted but wanted to come up and see the current two lights to make sure it was all going to work. We don’t want to have to lower the pool if we can possibly help it. It’s a lot of water and bad for the pool in many ways.

Stopped off at Mardo’s for a cold drink while we waited for our meeting with Ahmet the Surveyor at Nuzi’s. And shared a chocolate ice cream. Their ice cream is really fantastic. So, we walked through the land plans with Ahmet again and asked all the questions that had occurred to us over the last couple of days. He explained very well and he is coming up to the house on Saturday morning with the new drawings and we will see it all in place. Basically, instead of 3 seperate plots we will end up with one very large one, which is much simpler. We would never intend to develop any of the land – we bought it to protect our views but in the future the girls might want to do something, and they can do it then.

The swimming pool chaps came up at about 430. They confirmed we needed to 65w led blue lights. They were pricey. We will shop around a bit and see if we can get them cheaper somewhere else. Have a couple more to try.

Tonight we went back to Tervetuloa for dinner and to pick up Bob’s gourd light! It is absolutely beautiful and we have ordered 4 more to be made for us. They are absolute works of art. She gave me a bag of some spare beads and also some gourd seeds to try and grow. If we grow some gourds she will make us some more lamps! Delicious dinner as usual. I had chicken shish and Bob had moussaka. He was not enthralled so we swapped half way. I liked it but he didnt like the nutmeg on top of the bechamel. The meze was yum as usual.

A good day.