Hairdressers and Quiz Night

Hot and windy again here. I had a 10 am appointment for a haircut and roots colour down at Ali’s salon on the coast road. I always go to him here now. I used to always go there – he speaks good English, he’s from London, and is a great cutter and colourer. Then I was tempted away to another salon. The first time I went it was good. Then when I went back the hairdresser had left and there was a new one. I left with bright red hair and what looked like Donald Trump’s wig on the top part of my head in bright yellow. Horror. So, this time, back to Ali’s it was. Got a good cut and he filled in colour around the roots and back for me. Best of all was the price. With tip just under £20!!!!!!!! I’m pleased with it.

Bob stayed home because he was waiting for our two new posh pool loungers to be delivered. There was a bit of a faff with directions, but in the end they arrived and are now looking very lovely on the pool terrace. I am going to take pix when it’s all done – Bob’s lighting, the new loungers, the gazebo etc. Bob fitted another terrace light and finished off the wooden loungers. He’s really cracking on now.

My bottom left wisdom tooth has been playing up the last couple of days. It’s been a tiny bit wiggly for a few years but no trouble so I’ve always opted to keep it when the dentist mentions it. However, the wiggle seems to be more and it’s tender. I think it’s time has come. I rang the dentist I’ve seen before down in Girne and managed to get an appointment tomorrow. I think it will have to come out….. Another bit of wisdom gone….

We made lots of calls to swimming pool companies trying to work out what is necessary to change the underwater lights, if we want to. We have a couple more coming up to have a look.

Spent the afternoon around the pool and bobbing about. Had a chat to Daisy and a video call with Stuart and Fi. The weather looked great back in the UK. They were both sunburned and tanned. Glad summer has arrived finally. May was so horrible.

Tonight is quiz night at Hoots up in Ilgaz village. We always used to go to it and then Hoots closed for a few years. It’s now under new management and from the photos, they’ve done a wonderful renovation job.

It is so charming and quirkily decorated. The quiz was great fun. 6 rounds of questions and a table paper. It was pretty tough to be honest. We definitely didn’t win but we did enjoy it. Dinner was nice. Bob had an amazing cheeseburger chips and salad. I had fish gougons chips and salad. Very tasty and good service. We will definitely be back!!!!