Dentist and Entry Requirement Announcement!

So, sod’s law dictates that my tooth was incredibly much better when I woke up this morning! Isn’t it always the way?! Anyway, still determined to go because it is wobbly and it could easily flare up again.

Quiet morning. I planted the gourd seeds the owner of Tervetuloa gave me. Put them in the watering hollows around the fruit trees to be sure they are getting plenty of water. Also planted a couple in the planter bathtub and near the garden shower. Fingers crossed they germinate and we get some!! That would be so much fun!

Bob was working on the terrace lights. These last two are the trickiest because with one of them we are putting it in a different place to the existing light so there is more work to be done. Also tricky because the existing wiring is under the paving slabs so can’t actually see where it is other than where it pops up for the current lights. But he has a plan!!! And Eddie kindly loaned him his angle grinder to cut a little trench in the stones to bury the cable.

More border opening news! The border between north and south opens again on the 4th at all points for everyone. You need a recent negative pcr test to cross I think. Not entirely clear on that. It may be that the doubly vaccinated are exempt for the land border crossing. However, it totally facilitates travel in and out from Larnaca as well as Ercan. And if you were desperate for a visit to LIDL or M&S, I guess it would do that too. And the country classifications for entering northern Cyprus are also published – they will be reviewed weekly, these are from 7th June. The UK is amber meaning there is no quarantine for the doubly vaccinated and just a negative pCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival required. Brilliant news. The UAE is also amber.

Good news for my girls as they will both be able to visit without quarantine here very soon now. Daisy will have to home quarantine when she gets back to the UK but she will do the extra test on day 5 to get out then. She will easily make up the cost in work days.

All sorts of activities opening up here. Daisy and I are booked on a ladies day trip to the Lords Palace Hotel on 16th June. Coach, sunbeds, towels, umbrellas etc are £7 each all in. I’ve also booked us a balinese massage each in the wonderful hotel spa. £20 for 50 minutes. Looking forward to that.

Called in at the Kyrenia Medical Centre to enquire about mole removal for Daisy. She can see the consultant dermatologist and he will advise further. I will make her the appointment – the consultation is £15. Worth it to find out what he thinks and what they will charge. It’s £250 per mole in the UK.

Bob drove me into Smiles Dental Clinic in Kyrenia for about 315. They ushered us in, all kitted up in ppe and we had to put shoe covers on and of course be masked. The dentist was a very nice Scottish gentleman and I explained about the tooth and he had a look. He said there was an infection there and he noted the movement. He said that he could give me antibiotics to clear up the infection but it would probably come back and that the tooth would need to come out sooner rather than later, but it was up to me. I weighed up the thought of continued discomfort out here, the cost of treatment at home and the speed with which I might get an appointment. It was a no brainer really. “Take it out”, I said. He gave me a couple of painkilling shots and then the tooth was out in less than a minute. Barely a struggle from what I could tell. He put a bit of wadding in for me to bite on for an hour or so and told me to rinse with lots of salted water tomorrow, and that was it!!!!!

We stopped at Lemar supermarket on the way home to get some arborio rice so Bob could make mushroom risotto for dinner and then a stop at Mardo’s for ice cream because I’d been a brave girl.

No change to Turkey or Cyprus’s country codes for the UK, so Daisy will fly home from Larnaca as planned in late June. We will see what the situation is by the end of July when we are thinking of returning.