Cushions and Quiz

Hot today. Had a lovely breakfast of strawberries. They are so sweet and ripe here at the moment. Not watery at all.

We did a few jobs first thing. Bob painted around part of the upstairs landing – in a little sub hallway area that tends to get bashed by suitcases. I did some cleaning. Then we went out about 1030 and drove to to the other side of Kyrenia, to Catalkoy and Ozankoy. We stopped on the way at a paint diy shop to get the blue flat matt oil based paint for the kitchen chairs. Also got some paintbrushes and other supplies. Then we went in search of a cushion workshop and shop that Pamela had told me about. It was called Blackbird, and sounded very tucked away behind some shops. It was! But what a treasure trove. Run by a couple of very nice ladies – London Turkish Cypriots I would guess – and they can make or cover any cushions or upholstery and they also had lots in stock. Really nice fabrics. More modern and European than the fabrics at Mermaid I would say. I wanted to get some new cushions for the pool loungers, so you have something to put under your head. They had some great ones in all sorts of colours and patterns and we chose some turquoise ones – some striped, some in a sort of crazy check, and a couple plain. They were very reasonable. The cushions including the “stuffing” were £7 each and they’re really great quality. I shall go back there again for cushions next year for some of the rooms and maybe get some of the headboards recovered.

Called into Tesco Mar to chase our front door. Or rather progress chase our front door. It’s nearly ready and they are installing it on Saturday. That will be good to get done. The last messy job really.

Came back through Ozankoy village and called at the Best Butcher. Bought some absolutely amazing pork chops – really thick. The sort you don’t often see in the UK anymore. I also bought 10 lincolnshire sausages, 10 pork and leek, some lamb kidney and 16 sheftali. Quite a Haul!

Got back at about 130. It was boiling by then, so we got the meat into the freezer, put the cushions out on the loungers and got into the pool as fast as we could. Spent a lovely few hours out there wallowing after that.

Alan and Lesley picked us up at 530 and drove us up to Hoots in Ilgaz for quiz night. A lovely evening. It wasn’t quite as hard as last week. I had chicken shish for my meal and 2 g&ts. Bob had the chicken shish too and 2 beers. The shish were huge on massive skewers. It was very cheap. We didn’t win but we did well on the table paper section.