Marble Floor Polishing and Amateur Dramatics

Wow! Woke up to deep cloud over the house and mountains, some of it a bit dark….. quick check of the weather forecast and we are catching the edge of a weather system over Turkey. It’s not going to rain. It’s lovely to feel a bit cooler to be honest. Reality check: it’s still 29C!!!

After breakfast, Bob took all the kitchen chairs outside and began painting the two he has already filled and rubbed down. The blue colour looks lovely. He got 3 first coated.

About 945 Tim the Marble Polisher and his oppo rocked up to refinish and polish the marble floor in the kitchen. His name’s not really Tim. Or rather it is something like that in Turkish, but he shortens it to Tim. Neither of them speaks more than a couple of words in English. I speak the same amount of Turkish. So we use our phones!!!! The wonders of modern technology eh?

All the rooms and stairs except for the bathrooms and bedrooms have marble floors, a sort of honey/almond colour. The bathrooms are ceramic tiled and the bedrooms have wooden floors. It’s easy to keep hard floors clean unless you get a stain on the marble like happened to ours last year. We had a big party of guests stay for Bayram and they left black rubbish sacks full of food stacked in the kitchen. We think they had been using lemon dressing for salads and meat and it leaked out. You can see a big ring where the sack sat then a trail across the floor where it leaked away…… These guys were confident they could remove it.

We intend to get the rest of the floors repolished over this year but as we have a new front door being fitted on Saturday (bound to be a mess), this wouldn’t have been a good time to do it. We’ll do it in the autumn, when we come back.

Tim offers all manner of housecare services from cleaning and window cleaning to, obviously, the floor polishing. Very hard workers, we were impressed. They worked for nearly 4 hours and, true to their word, the floor is perfect again! Would definitely recommend. £80 well spent.

Spent some time this afternoon by the pool and then this evening I went to see the Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society perform a comedy double bill in aid of various charities. It was held at the Black Olive Bar in Lapta. For a smidgeon over a tenner, you got a really nice dinner and the two plays. That;s the good news. Up until now our all time theatrical low was a show hilariously titled “Horn in the West” which we saw in Boone, North Carolina, up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It no longer holds that record. I shall say no more. Our group left well before the end…..