Daisy Arrives From the UK

Our younger daughter, Daisy, arrived from the UK today. She had a very smooth journey, no issues. She flew out of Stansted on Pegasus, changing planes in Istanbul. She needed a PCR test less than 72 hours before flying but that was all. At the moment, you cannot check in online with Pegasus (like with Turkish Airways) because they have to check all the paperwork before you board, so she got to the airport 3 hours before the flight. It all went quickly, no problems, the flight took off on time. She had just over an hour and a half in Istanbul before the 1 hour flight down to Cyprus. Processing at Ercan was very quick. It was less than 30 minutes from landing to exiting the terminal. Bob was there to pick her up, and she was at the house by 1045pm.

We’d had a quiet day. Bob finished the kitchen chairs and we got them back inside. I swept the terraces and mopped all the floors and vacuumed. The dust is always with us! LOL. Marion came up for a visit and a catch up. I had a migraine so a lot of the afternoon was spent sleeping that off. We had a lovely video call with Penny and David back in the UK.

So lovely to see Daisy coming through our garden gate this evening. I knew she would be hungry as there was just sandwich service on Pegasus and there wasn’t enough time in Istanbul to eat, so I had dinner waiting for her. Lovely pork and leek sausages from Best Butcher in Ozankoy, onion gravy and mash. We sat out by the pool and had a drink while she ate. Still 20C at 11pm. It was lovely. Our holiday really starts now with the arrival of the girls. We’ve got all the jobs done we wanted/needed to do this time. Still have the legal partitioning ongoing ever slowly but that’s ok. We will try and track Ahmet the Surveyor down in the next couple of days.

Turned in about midnight.