Villa Day with Daisy

Woke up very happy that one of my chicks was back in the nest. Hopefully there will be 2 + 1 by the weekend! We started the day in time honoured fashion of running down the road to get things Daisy forgot to pack! This time: sunglasses, hair bobbles and a beach cover up! Explored an interesting Indian/Turkish dress shop at the bottom of the hill. Daisy got a really nice little black cover up dress – like a long tight t shirt in there for £4. Got the rest in Starling and Ileli and then got cold drinks in Mardos while we waited for Bob to come back from the yapi. He’d gone looking for a timer to fit to work the pool lights. Fail.

Nice Cyprus lunch out on the terrace. We love our Cyprus lunches which are very similar to the type of lunch we used to have when we went sailing. Bread, cold meat or fish, aubergine/tomato ragu salad, tomatos, cheeses, bread, crispbread, pickles, cold drinks. Just casual but oh so good because it’s all so fresh. Our grapes are coming along well at one end of the terrace. We have a couch right there and it is so nice in the summer to just reach up and pick some while you laze there, reading….

Spent the afternoon around the pool. Bob put on an actual pair of swimming shorts for the first time. Up till now he’s jumped in wearing his painting shorts or….errrr…… lucky we’re so secluded!

Made good use of the floats and sunbeds. It was heavenly. Just drifting…. so peaceful.

Tonight we met up for drinks at 6, on the terrace. I burnt some frankincense and it was really chilled and relaxing as the heat of the day faded. Daisy had chosen Tervetuloa for her first dinner out – she wanted meze, so we had booked a table for 7pm. The usual mega warm welcome and delicious food. We all had the mixed kebab main, preceded by they hot and cold meze and followed by baklava and watermelon, coffee and brandys. 2 of our lamps were nearly finished – gosh, they are so beautiful! We are thrilled with them. Can’t wait to see them all lit along the terrace.

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