Friday Brunch!

On Friday afternoon we atteneded another Dubai “|must do”: Friday Brunch. We went to the AOC Brunch at the Sofitel in the JBR area. It’s a very contnental brunch with an emphasis of French cheeses, pates, fresh seafood, salads and roasts. All accompanied by free flowing French wines.. A bargain at around £38 each using a discount from The Entertainer. These brunch buffets are hugely popular here and are a great chance to eat unlimitted amounts of superb food accompanied by bottomless drinks of your choice.

We dressed up a bit for the occasion and also met Lucy’s friend, a French man called JM, there too. It was a most convivial afternoon 1 till about 5 and we enjoyed sushii and sashimi, fresh oysters, giant prawns and crab, bbq’d king prawns and steaks, roasted prime rib and finally a selection of desserts.We had a great time and paced ourselves well. Afterwards we went to Trader Vic’s in the nearby Hilton and met up with more friends and enjoyed some tropical cocktails.