Beach and Barnum

Very hot day today. Lucy was at work so Daisy and I went to another beach club for the day, Barasti. Not my favourite to be honest, it’s a bit chavtastic and loud…. but it has the advantage of being very cheap. You can either use the faciliities – pool, beach, loungers, towel etc for free and pay for food and drink, or you can pay £15 and also have a meal and unlimited cocktails from the special menu. We just decided to pay for our lunch and water and go with the free option.

We wallowed in the sea quite a bit, had our lunch but decided to depart at about 3pm when a dj came on and the noise became truly deafening. Came back and rested for a few hours.

Tonight we went to Screen on the Beach, an event held at Zero Gravity, the beachfront nightclub. There was a special area set up with comfortable couches, loungers and tables plus the big screen. And the show tonight was The Greatest Showman, one of our favourites….. The setting down there was just magnificent with the lovely waterfront lights of Marina all around us and the new Dubai eye all lit up just over the water.

It was £15 for the film, a meal (we had truly enormous burgers and chips) and a drink of choice. Pretty good deal and so comfortable. We really enjoyed the show especially towards the end when the venue let off great firey flares in time with the music.