Bob arrived at the house in our hire car about 3am. It was so lovely to see him again after a 3 week gap – I don’t think we’ve ever been apart that long before. We had a good catch up and then slept until about 9.

Woke up to a beautiful Cyprus morning – warm sun, cloudless sky and light breeze. Temperature today was around 26C and it felt good. So peaceful up here.

Marion popped up about 1030 and we caught up over coffee. Then Rick, our pool guy, turned up and we had a good chat with him. All seems to have gone well in the 3 months we have been away.

We took the car and drove 15 minutes to Karaoglanoglu to get a local sim for our phone but we forgot our passports so will have to go back tomorrow. Hungry by now, we went to Habe Corba, a favourite shish kebab restaurant for lunch. I had lamb sis in a wrap with onion, tomato and herbs and Bob had a meat pide (sort of Turkish Pizza). Both were absolutely delicious , pretty massive and combined with 2 soft drinks lunch came to £7.70. It is breathtakingly cheap here in comparison to many holiday locations.

Marion had put a grocery pack into the house for us but we needed more so we went to Ileli for a stock up. Spent about £40 and got seveal packs of meat and fish, much fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese…. Came home and frankly slept for the rest of the afternoon.

We were still full up from lunch by tonight so we just had a snack and caught up on British tv. Wonderful to be back. After much deliberation, we are changing our flights home from Larnaca to Ercan and will avoid the Republic of Cyprus for the foreseeable future.