Hairdos and Hallowe’en

Really warm today, maybe 26/27 and blue skies. I stepped out on our bedroom balcony snd looked down the valley and ravine toward the sea. Everything looked so beautiful. We are so lucky and glad to be here!!!!

We did a few things around the house and garden and then I had a hair appointment for a cut,colour and highlights at Ali, the local salon I visit here. I’ve tried quite a few around here and had some bad experiences, one total disaster, so I just go to Ali now. He is good with colour and he cuts short hair very precisely. Anyway he worked his magic and I came out lookig better than I went in. As you might expect, it’s massively cheap in comparison to the UK.

We had some remedials done on a couple of pool valves that were leaking. Good time of the year to get it done. Habibi and his workman came up briefly to check measurements for the drive work which will start on Sunday.

We are going to a charity Hallowe’en party tomorrow night so we went in search of costumes to Mr Pound. Well…. I dragged Bob if we are strictly honest. He’s not big on dressing up. Unlike most of the young people of Cyprus who were mobbing Mr Pound in search of costumes. We found a couple. I have a grim reaper outfit and Bob is going as The Mummy. Photos tomorrow I promise!!!!!! I am looking forward to it. There’s so much going on around here this time of year: dinners, shows, quizes, karaoke (shudder), craft fairs, olive festivals, charity balls…… it’s non stop between now and Christmas…….