Ladies Spa Day!

Today we had a fabulous day at the Lord’s Palace Spa. I say “we”, but it was myself, Pamela, Deborah and Linda. The deal we had was not limited to ladies but none of the menfolk wanted to join us.

Pamela drove us into Kyrenia to the Lord’s Palace hotel at around 11am. Another gorgeous sunny warm day. I really like the Lord’s Palace. It’s a bit “bling” in that Turkish way but very nice and the facilities are amazing. We’d taken advantage of several deals on offer in the summer and had a fantastic time. Now, they have a spa offer on. You can go along, use the spa facilities, have a fantastic lunch with included drinks and then an hour’s massage in their luxurious spa for about £25. Or you can have the same package exchanging lunch for high tea for a couple of pounds less. We had booked the lunch option.

We were a bit early for lunch when we got there so we went up to the Sky Bar on the roof for coffee. Gorgeous setting with a rooftop pool and looking out over the grounds, the large swimming pools and beach and the harbour.

Then we went down to the restaurant for lunch, getting a table on the terrace. Our waiter began by bringing us a lovely welcoming cocktail. Then we were invited to go and help ourselves to the buffet for as long as we liked. It was enormous with every type of food imaginable. Salads, hors d’oevres, grills, warm casseroles, roasts, desserts and a massive table of fruit. I think you can say we did it justice!!!!! Some nice white wine….. it was glorious.

At 3pm we went down to the spa and were given turkish towels and slippers and taken off for our massages. The staff are all Thai and they are very good. i had massages there before and they were great. As they were today. Really good. They climb all over you and for such slight petite women, they are immensely strong. I must say that about half way through I began to regret being such a stuffguts at lunch!!!! Slightly worried it might all come up again. But it was ok. After our massages. we went to the steam room, the sauna and then had a wallow in the spa pool. It was nearly 5pm by the time we left. What a great day!!!!! Can’t wait to do it again.

Our upper driveway is all finished and we are really pleased with it. Pictures to come. We have some gardening to get done now.

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