Kyrenia and a BBQ

This morning we went down to Kyrenia to do a bit of shopping and run a few errands. It’s about a 15 minute drive from our house. The day was just beautiful again – about 27/28C and so sunny. We parked in the main car park near the law courts and walked down the high street.

First stop was the little opticians about half way down. There are plenty of other very posh opticians but this little guy has been there forever and he does repairs and all sorts. I had lost a central screw from one of my pairs of glasss on the Emirates flight to Dubai – they’d just fallen in half. Anyway, he put the back together for me in no time and he also put a new battery in my diving watch. It all came to about £3.50. Then we went to the keycutter to get an extra key cut for the pool room for Habibi.

Lastly we walked down to near the harbour to the magic lamp shop and did a bit of Christmas shopping in there. He’s such a nice man. Wraps everything up amazingly. He’s got some great Turkish rugs in there now and when we re-do the living room over the next year or 18 months , I will get some rugs from him.

On the way back i called in at the nail bar in Alsancak to see if she could help me get a manicure. It is almost next to impossible to get an SNS dip manicure here and some salons don’t even know how to take that polish off. I have had some nightmares….. Anyway, she said she could do it tomorrow at midday so I will give it a go on one nail and if that is ok, she can do the rest. Otherwise I will wait till I get back to the UK, talonlike as they will be by then….. they are fine for gel nails here but not the powder. We shall see….

Bob and I spent the afternoon by the pool and went in and out a few times. The air is hot, the water a bit bracing but it’s ok after the initial cringe.

Tonight Bob bbq’d for us and we had delicious sheftali and lamb kofta with pita and peppers and grilled onions. There was a lovely crescent moon over the mountains.