Thunder and lightning over night! Quite spectacular. The rain started torrenting down – and I mean TORRENTING – in the early hours and has hardly let up all day. Very very heavy rain. It’s not cold – still about 22C

We went out late morning to a local nursery to look at his large olive and citrus trees. We were drenched just being out in it for a short time. Went right through our waterproof jackets. We will decide what to do on Monday when we go and see the rescue tree. Habibi the gardener came round to say they would not come tomorrow because it is going to be wet again. Oh joy!

We called in at the new little cafe next to Ileli called Fresh Bites. Bob had a hankering for breakfast despite it being midday. He ordered their full English and it was Mega!!! It inspired the man on the next table to order one too, although he shared his with his wife. Bob ate his all by himself!! I ordered Eggs Benedict with avocado. Mine was also large and very nicely cooked but it didn’t have any hollandaise sauce at all. So not exactly Eggs Benedict. Prices were fabulous – I think about £10 for both of us.

I did some arts and crafts with some terracotta yoghurt pots this afternoon. Making them into cereal bowls. Maybe. I have painted one as a trial. Will see how it is tomorrow. Bob watched the England vs South Africa rugby match whch was very exciting. The storms are still around tonight – great flashes of lightning in the mountains. The garden will be glad of the water thats for sure.