Spa Day and Dinner Out

Today i went to the Lord’s Palace hotel in Kyrenia with Deborah, Heather and Lesley for another lunch and spa day. It is such amazing value and so very nice. for about £24 you get an all -you can -eat and drink lunch and then an hour’s massage and use of the spa facilities for the afternoon. It’s really lovely. They have decorated the hotel for Christmas now which seems a bit odd to me, given the less than seasonal weather. However, it all looked very lovely.

We had a coffee in the Sky Bar before lunch which was fun. The waiter was hilariously camp and made us giggle along with him.

Bob came and picked us up at about 530 and we were home by around 615. There was thunder and lightning out to sea, and there is rain in the forecast for the next few days. In fact there was an absolute downpour over lunch but it was short lived.

Tonight we went to Driftwood in Lapta to have dinner with Pamela and Eddie and their friends, Lesley and Joe. We had a really good night, although I only managed a light course after all that lunch. Much good chat and all very convivial.

Am hoping to get another spa day in before coming back to the UK. They are very good masseurs.