Antigen Tests

This morning we went into Kyrenia to get our covid tests so that we are clear to enter any and all inside spaces over the next two weeks. There is a big vaccination drive underway now -new Health Minister – and as an added enticement you have to be tested every 2 weeks to go inside restaurants and a list of other places. Not to enter hotels, beauty salons, hairdressers and supermarkets though. Why do all governments make bizarre, nonsensical rules??? If you aren’t vaccinated you can’t go anywhere LOL and from December 6th, if you haven’t had your booster, you are counted as unvaccinated. No wonder everyone’s rushing to get boosted!!!!

You can get tests in loads of places as a walk in. Some places are free, some charge. We tend to either go to the Erdurun Laboratory which is in Girne or the Dr Suat Gunsel/Near East Hospital, also in Girne. We tried the Erdurun Lab first but it was very busy and they only have a small carpark so we drove on by to the hospital which we knew at least had a massive car park (free). We could see it was very busy but most were in the vaccination lines.

We parked up and walked down to A&E which is where the testing centre is. There was hardly a line at all. You fill in a form giving contact details etc and give it to the check in desk with your passport. You can get a PCR test or an antigen. We had the latter which was 40 tl ie about £2.50 each. The nurse did them right away and told us to come back in an hour.

There is a little cafe in the hospital grounds overlooking the sea so we went and sat there and had a coffee. Lovely day, like May in the UK. Hazy sun. About 22C. We were in t shirts. Went back as asked and they printed our results out for us straight away – both negative, thank goodness. We have found the testing and vaccination services available here very impressive. A full PCR test is about £9, contrast that with the one I am paying for when I return to the UK which is £49…….

Headed home to the endless testing and repair of the irrigation lines. If you look at them unkindly, they split. After the visit from the digger man, they’d done more than split in a couple of places so Bob started joining new pieces of line in and also running a line along where the mandarin tree and the torch bourgainvilleas have been planted. The torches won’t need very much water at all but best to have the opportunity to give them some if next summer was particularly hot.