Oranges and Curry Night

A gorgeous sunny day today. Lovely to be outside in it. Bob resumed carving the arm of the chair. I watered the new plants and began brushing leaves off the terrace. The vine is shedding its leaves now. Began to set up the adirondack chairs and some lanterns at the end of the lower garden overlooking the ravine valley down to the sea and up to the eastern vineyard. I think it would be a most wonderful couples only sundowner spot. Or….. lol…. if you’re an early waker like me, a place to sit, facing east and watch the dawn break over the mountains and sea….

We discovered out irrigation system controller has faulted – is there no end to the tasks? – and a man came up to inspect it and pronounced it kaput. It’s not done bad service. He will ring with a quote for replacement. Fingers crossed it’s not too bad. He gave us two massive bags of citrus as a present – oranges, grapefruit and lemons. I shall have to find someone who wants some. There is far too much for us and I don’t think they’ll last to be brought back to the UK. If I lived here full time I would make pots and pots of citrus preserves and candied citrus. Or jars of orange sauce. Or citrus and herb infused gin and vodka. And actually some orange infused local brandy would make a fabulous liqueur. But you need at least a month really so it’s too late now. When I get home I’m going to make some of the Nigel Slater dried fruit infused liqueurs I made last year. They were fabulous and I should have just about enough time….

We had a nice lunch out on our terrace as usual. It’s wonderful to still be eating outside. Bob loves our al fresco lunch. It’s one of his favourite things about being here.

Tonight we went for dinner to Kamares in Karaoglanoglu which is my favourite Indian restaurant in the area. I say Indian, but it’s Pakistani really. We went with our neighbours, Alan and Lesley. By the way, to pronounce the village name, Karaoglanoglu, you remove the “g”s. I am informed this makes it easier to remember how to pronounce it. So….. right…. have a go looking at the word. Then go away for 5 minutes, then try again not looking at the word….. I am clearly no linguist which may be so because the language I am good at are no longer spoken.

Really good dinner and a very nice evening. Alan and Lesley have given me a lovely pushchair and high chair to add to the villa inventory. Will really round out our baby equipment.

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