Reunions, Golf, Brisket….

Holi, Colours, New Arrivals and A Boat Trip with Eagles Travels with Allie.

  1. Holi, Colours, New Arrivals and A Boat Trip with Eagles
  2. Patnem and Palolem
  3. Farewells, Birthdays and Exciting Arrivals
  4. Turtle Beach & Cooking Class
  5. A Boat Excursion to Chola Beach

A busy couple of days. Yesterday Bob and I drove over to Melbourne on the coast, due east of Orlando to visit Fran, Dave and Harriet. Harriet was my exchange student mother for the year I spent at high school 1971-2 in New Jersey. She is so special to me, especially now in her 90s and with covid keeping us apart far too long. These days she is in a nursing home – uber nice, better than many hotels. Fran, Bob and I spent the best part of the day with her. We had a fantastic lunch in the restaurant there. The food was really good. Then we played Rumicube all afternoon and she beat us twice. Really. Not much wrong in the brainbox department. So lovely to see her. There were times in the last 18 months, I thought I wouldn’t see her again.

Stuart and Fi had spent the day at the hotel and when we came back we went out for dinner. Stuart had a hankering for bbq brisket and we were recommended to go to 4 Rivers for that. I have to say the brisket was delicious, melt in the mouth and succulent.

Today we were up with the lark and off to the Disney Oak Trail golf course. It’s a beautiful 9 hole walking course very near the Magic Kingdom. Bob has played it before many times as it is part of the unlimited ticket we often get when we are visiting Disney. It didn’t help him today. haha. Stuart took massive revenge for the previous round. Nuff said on that.

Fi and I walked around the course with them. It is so beautiful – many lovely Southern Oak trees literally dripping with Spanish moss. There are water hazards and they attract wildlife. We saw wild geese, cormorants, herons, other mysterious wading birds, loads of wild turkeys. There are alligators there. Bob and I have seen them before, but not today.

Bob rented an amazing robo golf trolley. Sturt would have got one too but they’d run out. You wear a little device on your clothing and it follows you about at about a 5 foot distance. You can switch it on and off using the device to stop that. In the end we found it easiest for me to wear it, so that I could stop short of the green and Bob could wander at will. Anyway, genius technology…. You had to be careful not to get too near water, large rocks or sandtraps. The teeing off positions were marked by Mickey heads in varying colours ie white, yellow, red. I managed to take at least one Mickey out with ill judged manoevers nearby….

We were starving and it was lunchtime by the time we left so we grabbed a bucket or two at KFC…… been a long time since I;ve been in there. It hit the spot…. onwards we went to a diving superstore where Stuart bought a new mask and some magnifying lens spots to help with reading close dials.

Finally….. a stop at Walmart to pick up some groceries and to have a browse around the non food sections.

Back home and ate in tonight……