Hot One!

The Planning is Almost Finished Travels with Allie.

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  5. Summer is Here!

Warmest day so far today at 28C so by 10am we were pegged out at the pool. Stuart went off to the lap pool and did his lengths – he’s up to 60 lengths now. I’m afraid that Bob, Fi and I were utter sloths and just lay there with our books. Bob and I did go in the pool a couple of times for a wallow, but we were all unaccountably tired today….. I had a big sleep on the lounger. I think it’s just that we’re relaxing after being a bit tense leading up to flying here in case it didn’t happen. Not sure but hey – we’re on holiday so we’re allowed to be relaxed…..

It clouded in as the afternoon progressed and we came back about 4pm. Made some plans for the coming week – Scottish Highland Games – a very big deal around here -, a day at the beach in Clearwater, an airboat ride through the swamps to view wildlife – oh, and of course the boys are playing golf again, Bob and I are visiting Harriet tomorrow, no doubt we’ll be meeting up with Fran and the gang for dinner sometime…..

Tonight we had a bit of a leftovers dinner…. enchiladas from last night, nachos with chilli beef, cheese, gaucamole…. chicken stir fry…..