Hot One!

Shopping, The Kings Man, Packing… Travels with Allie.

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  1. Shopping, The Kings Man, Packing…
  2. More Golf and Shopping and Covid Testing Plans
  3. TopGolf and The Mall
  4. Disney Parks and Wonderful Reunions!
  5. Movie and a Bargain

Warmest day so far today at 28C so by 10am we were pegged out at the pool. Stuart went off to the lap pool and did his lengths – he’s up to 60 lengths now. I’m afraid that Bob, Fi and I were utter sloths and just lay there with our books. Bob and I did go in the pool a couple of times for a wallow, but we were all unaccountably tired today….. I had a big sleep on the lounger. I think it’s just that we’re relaxing after being a bit tense leading up to flying here in case it didn’t happen. Not sure but hey – we’re on holiday so we’re allowed to be relaxed…..

It clouded in as the afternoon progressed and we came back about 4pm. Made some plans for the coming week – Scottish Highland Games – a very big deal around here -, a day at the beach in Clearwater, an airboat ride through the swamps to view wildlife – oh, and of course the boys are playing golf again, Bob and I are visiting Harriet tomorrow, no doubt we’ll be meeting up with Fran and the gang for dinner sometime…..

Tonight we had a bit of a leftovers dinner…. enchiladas from last night, nachos with chilli beef, cheese, gaucamole…. chicken stir fry…..