Shopping, The Kings Man, Packing…

Holi, Colours, New Arrivals and A Boat Trip with Eagles Travels with Allie.

  1. Holi, Colours, New Arrivals and A Boat Trip with Eagles
  2. Patnem and Palolem
  3. Farewells, Birthdays and Exciting Arrivals
  4. Turtle Beach & Cooking Class
  5. A Boat Excursion to Chola Beach

This morning we headed over to the Premium International Outlet Mall, the largest in Orlando. Got there about 11 and Bob and I had around 90 minutes shopping. We got a few more things and then headed off at 1pm. Stuart and Fi, the shopping fiends, spent the day there!

Bob and I went just across the road to the Cinemark multiplex cinema to catch a showing of The Kings Man with Ralph Fiennes and an all start cast. Gosh, it was a good yarn! Most enjoyable especially stretched out in their Super Loungers. Also we got Senior tickets which made it ridiculously cheap. I was slightly disappointed that when I said to the cashier, “Do you offer senior discounts?”, she said “I’ve already taken it off””. I mean….. how could she tell we were seniors just by looking at us??? Surely….. no……… can’t be……

We came out about 350 and went back to pick Stuart and Fi up from their shop-a-thon. They had done well and quite a few bags went into the back of the car.

Came home and had a preliminary pack of stuff we are going to leave in Fran’s garage while we are in the Keys and on the cruise ie golf clubs, packs of beer and coke and a couple of cabin bags. Can’t believe that we’re coming to the end of 4 weeks here! The time has flashed by.

Tomorrow we are going to Kennedy Space Centre for the day and then to Fran and Dave’s for dinner. It’s going to turn chilly again tomorrow – a drop of about 11C – overnight. Talk about a seesaw of temperatures. Still…. it is supposed to improve again from Monday. Certainly temperatures in the Keys when we are there are in the upper 20Cs.

Yum chilli con carne tonight courtesy of Stuart, complete with the ingredient of dark chocolate.