More Golf and Shopping and Covid Testing Plans

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Warmer today – around 23C – but cloudy, so not sunbathing weather. Stuart and Bob were booked to play golf in the afternoon on the Marriott course here at Grande Vista so we had the morning free.

We drove down to the Premium Outlet Mall on Vineyard and had a mooch around there. Fi had some t shirts to change so that was a good opportunity. I bought some long sleeve t shirts in J Crew and a lightweight gilet which will be useful here for the rest of the week and also in Cyprus in the late autumn when we are there. And I will wear it home to the UK in early March as a bit of extra warmth.

After lunch the boys departed for golf and Fi and I walked around the lake to the reception area and printed out our updated vaccination certificates, luggage labels etc for boarding the cruise on February 5th. We’re pretty confident we’ll be going now.

Came back and I spent some time researching where we could get covid tests for boarding the ship. They need to be done within 2 days of boarding. I have found that we can get them done by appointment at various Walgreens pharmacies as drive thrus, failing that there are places in Key West where we can book, failing that there is a big testing facility just south of Fort Lauderdale in Pembroke Pines called Pines Health Mart Pharmacy, where we can both book and walk-in, failing that Princess will test us on the dock if we book, but it’s quite pricey. Anyway, quite a lot of options and I should be able to book the Walgreens option on Monday night for Thursday, so that will give us notice if we have to use one of the fall-back plans.

The boys got back about 430 and Bob had had a terrible round (although not as bad as the round at Disney Oak Trails!!!). Stuart had a great round and par’d two holes. I suggested Bob should sell his clubs and he looked wounded and took himself off to the big bath for a conciliatory soak.

Tonight we ate dinner at Red Lobster, a seafood chain. It was ok. Not utterly stellar – that will hopefully come next week in the Keys, but pretty durn good for the price.