Typhoon Lagoon, BBQ Ribs…. Steak Texas Style…

It’s been really hot the last two days – 30C – and sunny. Yesterday the chaps played golf at the Metrowest golf course https://www.metrowestgolf.com/ north of us in Orlando. Fi and I pegged out by the pool. It was soooo hot….. we are amazingly brown. People keep admiring our tans.

In the evening we ate in and had a massive rack of ribs, slow cooked with a spicy bbq sauce. They were melt in the mouth good. Ridiculously cheap at about $13 for the rack

Today we spent the day at the Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park. It is my favourite water park of any that I have visited anywhere. The landscaping is absolutely amazing. The flumes are totally concealed in abundant tropical planting. Just gorgeous. And the lazy river that wends its way around the perimeter of the park is the ultimate relaxation. I can – and do – literally spend hours sitting in a floating chair and drifting around in the current. Our memories of Typhoon Lagoon go back nearly 30 years to when the girls were very small. I very much associate it with Daisy – holding her on my lap in the inflatable ring and literally shielding her from any cold sprays as we went round – she still hates them, and paddles away like a manic Popeye to try and avoid a drenching. Wish she’d been with us today.

The centre of the park is a truly massive wave pool, very natural with beach entries all around and beaches beyond. Every 30 minutes a siren sounds and the pool becomes a surf pool with a huge wave which erupts in the deep end and comes crashing through. It’s amazing. Concealed in the surrounding jungly landscaping are about 12 different flume adventures, different slides and raft rides. We love them. We rode a few today, but mainly we relaxed on the beach, in the wave pool and of course on the Lazy River. Fi and Stuart, being first timers here, went on everything, some of the flumes, multiple times. They really had a great time and made the most of every minute.

Tonight we went out for dinner to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Our intent was to have their advertised prime rib. However…… disaster! It wasn’t on!!!! We regrouped and had steaks instead. They were amazing, so very tender. I had a rib eye with salad and mash. It was really good. Portions of course were massive and truly I will be glad to get home and not eat very much for a while. No wonder I have got so fat. Big diet when I get home!

It started to rain heavily at a bout 7, just after we got to the restaurant. And when I say it started to rain heavily, i mean it hammered down in apocalyptic amounts for about 2 hours. Not English style gentle rain. No…. this was hosepipe full on, downpour. Yikes. Luckily it stopped just as we finished so we had a dry drive home.

It was a lovely day. I highly recommend Typhoon Lagoon if you fancy a watery day in Orlando. It’s unlike any other water park you’ve ever seen I promise.