Tonight in Ilgaz….

So, we had another task laden day here….. Laid out new watering lines and tested them…. did the washing…. other odd jobs around the house. A very sunny, hot day but very, very windy. By about 3pm we were exhausted, mainly battling against the wind. We still ate all three meals outside today.

I food shopped in the afternoon and made sure all the new plants were well watered. Then tonight, Bob lit up the bbq and we feasted on delicious lamb sheftali, salads, pita bread, sauces and pickles. So lovely to eat out beside the pool and enjoy that lovely time of the late afternoon/evening. Beautifui views down to the sea and all around… wow…this is a lovely place…

So… sheftali, sweet red peppers, salad, pita, and then……omg…. I made a fantastic fruit crumble from the lovely yellow plumlike loquats from our trees. Mixed with some Cyprus pears, and stewed in sugar, brandy and spices. Traditional crumble of flour, brown sugar and butter with orange zest. It was so very very good…. Served with vanilla ice cream. We have so many of these plums…. it may be on repeat.. I’m sure Ive also raved on about sheftali in the past – the lovely lamb sausages wrapped in caul that are so traditional here. You grill them on the bbq and the caul melts and bastes the saussages as they cook. YUM.

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