Lake Crescent Lodge

Mileage today: 37miles Total Mileage: 827

We were awakened by quite a storm in the night. At least I was awakened! Bob slept through the roaring (literally) wind and then lightning for quite a long time. Well…. until I woke him up to enjoy the splendour of it all with me!!!!!! It didn’t rain, just very high wind. Managed to get back to sleep again but when we woke up it was pretty cloudy and still windy so we lurked in our room, reading, until it cleared about 11am. It never cleared to the point where it was bright sun like yesterday,.

We decided to do one of the trails that leads from the hotel grounds and ends at a waterfall: Marymere Falls. It starts by walking through some beautiful woods, trees covered in velvety moss and the groundcover being masses of different sorts of fern. Firs and cedar again, many of them terrifically tall and wide around. It was a real spectacle. You can see why it’s all so green, the cloud layer is often not far away and yet it remains warm – look at what we’re wearing. I guess it was still about 21C today. The falls themselves were lovely, quite a long, narrowish fall of water. The trail was good, gravelled path most of the way then wooden walkways around the falls.

On the way back, Bob pulled his leg a bit, the same one that pulled in Florida in January. It was on the flat and he wasn’t doing anything to seemingly cause it. Just as his back had got better too!!!! We made it back to the hotel slowly and he put an ice pack on it and then the same cream that has worked well on his shoulder. It is nowhere near as bad as Florida so hopefully it will clear up in a couple of days. Unaccustomed strenuous walking I guess. We forget we’re not 40 anymore.

So tonight, we went out to the Fairmount diner again for dinner. Iwas driving for the first time this trip. This time we both had the seafood plate which was cod and a choice of something else. I had scallops and Bob had clam strips. Again, the portions were huge. It was nice but not as good as last night, the cod was overcooked….. still, such a good little find. Several deer on the lawn when we got back. They are quite small ones.

The weather is due to return to sun tomorrow so we plan to go kayaking and hopefully swim. We have a boat tour of the lake booked at 6pm.