Sunny Day at Lake Crescent

Mileage today: 59 miles. Total: 886

Bob’s leg was a lot better this morning but we decided that perhaps a soak in the mineral baths at Sol Duc Resort might benefit him more than kayaking on the lake, particularly as we have other lakes in our immediate future.  It was about a 40 minute drive from our resort to Sol Duc.  Along the lakeside and then turned up a hill, about 12 miles.  It was a very nice drive through the beautiful woods which we never tire of admiring.  The trees are so very tall and the sunlight penetrating downwards makes such an interesting light. 

Sol Duc is another NPS resort, more casual than Lake Crescent.  Unfortunately we should have checked in advance….. when we arrived it was 1045.  Access to the pools is sold in 90 minute sessions – $12 each for seniors.  However, the session had started at 10 and would end at 1130 and the next complete session was not due to start till 12.  We had the choice of paying full price for 45 minutes or waiting 1.15 hours.   We looked around.  There wasn’t much to do.  We decided to can the pools – they looked ok, but like small swimming pools and they were quite crowded too.  We didn’t know it yet, but it was going to be that sort of day.

Drove back to the Lodge and found two adirondack chairs right on the lakeside and settled there for the afternoon.  Had a nice picnic lunch, paddled and enjoyed watching the kids playing in the water and people in the canoes and small craft.  It’s a paradise for families with kids under about 12 here.  We smiled a little thinking of how much our two would have liked it here when they were about 8 and 10.  Jumping off the dock etc.   There were clearly multi-generational families, having a fine old fashioned time.

The afternoon passed most pleasantly.  It was hot –  22C – but a slightly cool breeze so we weren’t tempted to get more in the water than knee deep.  It wasn’t that cold though.  Warmer than the sea in Folkestone by a lot.  And so clear.  There are a lot of trout in the lake.  Some types uniquely found here.

We had a booking for a boat tour of the lake at 6pm. I was really looking forward to it. We went up to our room and changed and drove around the lake to the Log Cabin Resort on the opposite side. This is where we had to both pay for our booking and board the boat. Nice cabin/camping style resort. But….. When we got to the front desk we were so disappointed to be told that the boat had broken down and had to be towed back. Well.. Perhaps, a lucky escape but it had sounded really good. The lady on the desk offered us a reschedule but of course that would not be possible so very nicely and unexpectedly she offered us a free dinner up to 60 dollars for our trouble. So we had a very nice dinner in their restaurant. A lovely gesture.

Came back to the lodge and sat by the lake with our books to watch the sun go down. Bob sipping his bourbon…. His leg is a lot better now.

We can really recommend Lake Crescent Lodge. It’s a lovely, slightly vintage slice of life. Something out of the past. No tvs or phones, Woeful WiFi.. But so much else going on. People sitting and playing games, talking to each other…. Enjoying the lake and the woods. Something for everyone. I wish I thought we would come back but we probably won’t now….. but you could!