Visiting Leavenworth: The Bavarian Town

We spent today exploring the little town of Leavenworth. It really is extraordinary. You would totally believe you were in the Tyrol, even down to the surrounding scenery.

We were a bit slow to get going. I had woken up early and watched the journey of the Queen’s casket from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. It was very moving to watch, and the crowds are huge. It all went like clockwork and was a credit to all those involved.

Breakfast in our room which was very nice, and then out by about 1015. Then we discovered that really nothing opens up much before 11am and then stays open later…. aha! It was a lovely day – about 25C. Less haze in the sky but still some about.

We walked through the town visiting as many shops as we could. There are lots of shops selling all manner of goods likely to be of interest to tourists. And lots of restaurants, beer kellers, wine tasting rooms….. There is a little bandstand in the centre – and a MAYPOLE – with music playing. We had a great shop fuddle. Nothing we wanted to buy really – it was pricey, but nice things. The town is really pretty – lovely houses and painted scenes on the walls. The flowers are absolutely outstanding and on every building. I greatly admired them.

Came back to our hotel for a bit of lunch and a rest and then went out again. This time down to the Riverside Park. There is a nice walk there along the riverbank, across and around an island and on again, then back into town. It was a nice, peaceful walk. We saw a couple of deer and some chipmunks and squirrels. The river was really flowing. In the summer you can do a float on it with big rings. We might have done that – it was hot enough – but it’s only open at the weekend now.

Walked back up to the town and visited all the shops we had missed in the morning. We also had wht I think is the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I had a scoop of a deep chocolate with very large lumps of frozen dark chocolate brownie and a ripple of caramel. Honestly, it was beyond delicious and outstanding. Bob had salted caramel and somehow or other the caramel was part of the structure of the ice cream so thst it had that slight “pouring” consistency that caramel has. It was yummy. We sat on a bench in the shade and enjoyed those. At one point there was a musical performance on an alphorn, which I have never seen played live before. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it played before actually…..

I was prepared for Leavenworth to be pretty tacky if I’m honest. But, it wasn’t. It was much much nicer than I expected. Not Disneyesque. I mean, there are people actually living here, it’s a genuine, working place. While it was lovely to visit in the summer, I bet it’s fantastic at Christmas – it really is Christmas central in some ways – or when there is some snow on the ground.

Tonight after our in-room dinner (Shepherd’s Pie and Bob had a blueberry pie slice, told you we know how to live!!!!!) we took a turn around the village centre again. There were quite a lot of lights on and it was pretty but this time of the year, it is only really busy at weekends. Prost!!!!

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