A Day at the Beach

Mileage today:25 miles. Total Mileage: 6,479 miles.

A hot day today.  We can’t believe that we are in October and still getting this amazing weather.   We never dreamt we’d still be on the beach this late in the trip.   We’ve got cold and wet weather clothes that will almost certainly now never come out of the suitcase.  Since we arrived on the 3rd August we’ve only had 2 days when there was rain.  We thought the PNW would be way rainier than this.

Anyway, we put our swimmies on and went back to Long Beach.   Found a nice spot at the back of the beach with a log to lean against and set up our camp.   Like yesterday, there were loads of surfers and some surf lessons going on.  At least half of the surfers were women.

Enjoyed watching them, read, chatted, had a picnic lunch.   Bob had a beach walk.  I went in the sea waist deep twice.  It was really icy cold.   Couldn’t bring myself to get my shoulders under!!! It was nice to do though and again not expected for this late on.  In fact as the afternoon passed, we really got too hot and started to feel burnt.

So, we gave up about 3pm and came back to our balcony to watch the boats on the Sound in front of us.  Fun to watch the sea planes take off and land on the water.

Tomorrow we have a travelling day as we start to wend our way towards Seattle and the end of this epic trip on Thursday night.   We have to drive back to Nanaimo on the east coast of the island, catch a ferry to a terminal just south of Vancouver and then cross the border back into the USA for our overnight in Bellingham.   Our time in British Columbia, especially on Vancouver Island has just been a total joy. I can’t recommend a visit here highly enough if you enjoy nature and the great outdoors.