Patnem Beach

Today was our first day on the beach. Had a nice shower and went to wash my hair to find Joe and Bob had bought me 2 bottles of conditioner yesterday. I improvised with shower gel!

We were up for breakfast at 830 and met up with the gang. Eve offers about 8 or 9 “included” full breakfasts. Today I chose a masala omelette and coffee. I donated my toast and fruit juice to Bob. He had the Indian baji breakfast which he said was delicious along with extra toast and fresh juice. The breakfast is really great.

After breakfast Joe and Joseph went off to Palolem to get a few things including a new pair of beach sandals for Joe. He managed to barter down a pair from £18 to £9 and was well chuffed until he came back to Eve’s and asked Marylyn what she would pay for his sandals. After a long and very close examination, she replied £4.50….

The rest of us hastened down to the beach where Rocky had reserved 6 loungers and umbrellas for us. The weather (sorry) is simply fabulous and the sea was lovely today. Just one breaker to get through and then very calm and very warm. I must have had 5 or 6 bobbing sessions out there. It’s too hot to lie in the sun so the shack chaps make sure they reposition the umbrellas to provide shade to the loungers. I just pegged out with bottles of water and read, chatted, swam, caught up….. just enjoyed a lovely beach day.

After my breakfast, I didn’t bother with lunch. Bob had a light lunch up in the shack and the gang all played Rumicube. I continued my dipping and reading. Gloria wiped the floor with everyone.

Bob and I left the beach at 4 and he went and got a haircut from the barber on the beach lane and I had a very much needed pedicure. My pedicure was very thorough and transfomed my feet as far as is humanly possible at this point…Cost £8 and was a bargain. I will probably have one every two weeks as my feet get so bad here….

Got back to the hotel about 530 to the fantastic news that Stuart and Fi are arriving on Tuesday next, till the end of March.

We all met up at 7 and wandered down the beach to Tantra. I had Palak Paneer (yes again LOL) which was garlicky, spinachy, cheesy perfection and 2 margaritas (happy hour all night). Bob had chicken tikka masala and plain rice and 2 margaritas. Our entire bill came to about £14. Joseph had a fresh coconut to drink. It was the biggest coconut I’d ever seen. A couple of quite elaborate firework displays on the beach tonight – must have been birthdays.

Back to the hotel and a nightcap and bed.

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