Patnem Days and Nights

We’ve had a lovely few days, spent unashamedly lazing on the beach. The pattern goes a bit like this:

9am Breakfast at Eve’s. fabulous omelettes or whatever else eg fruit plate, banana porridge, Indian breakfast, eggs on toast.

10am Walk to Sea Front beach shack and peg out on already prepared sunbeds with umbrellas. They lay out clean towels for us and bring side tables for our stuff.

1010 – 1300 Read, laze, walk, swim, read, laze walk. Our guy brings us water and drinks to the lounger. He adjusts the position of the umbrella to keep the loungers in the shade.

1300 Bob and the others retire to the shack for lunch followed by games of some sort: cribbage, rumicube, canasta…. I stay down on the sand and repeat the morning. I may add a nap in.

1500 Bob returns and we have another hour of beaching.

1600 We pack up and walk back to Eves for showers and rest (?).

1900 We all meet and walk to whatever restaurant we have chosen for dinner. We might have a drink first at Eve’s or we might have a drink later as a nightcap.

2200 Back at Eve’s. Nightcap or turn in…..

Last night we went to a restaurant called Little Ganesh. It used to be in Patnem village near the Chai Shop and it was good for breakfast but a bit grotty. Theyve now moved to a new location at the Temple end of the village and it’s really nice. It’s one of the very few this year that is Nepalese run and staffed. The menu was amazing and so were the prices. I had a Crab Sanwa which was dry spiced soft shell crabs on a bed of coriander, onion, ginger, chilli, garlic and fresh coconut. It was absolutely amazing and only £3.50. Everyone else’s was great too. We will definitely go back,

Tonight we ate at Sea Front and again a very good meal although much more expensive, albeit we did have 2 drinks each. I had chicken Malai Kebab from the tandoori which was chunks of chicken marinaded in a coconut cashew paste. So tender and tasty. Again it was about £3.50. Bob had mutton rojan josh with a garlic nan and it was rich and tender and delicious. fab gravy. 2 drinks each and the food came to £17 which is very expensive for here.

Weather is constantly blue and cloudless and in the low 30s. It was windy today though and in the afternoon there was a bit of a surf. I was a chicken and just went knee deep after lunch for a cooler.