Patnem Saturday

Breakfast at Eve’s for some, Joseph, Janet and Gloria went to Cow Corner for coffee and breakfast. We got down to the beach straight afterwards and got ourselves pegged out under umbrellas. I’ve started lying in the sun for a while now and can see the brown growing.

It was a typical morning of reading, swimming and chatting. Bob and Joe went up to the shack about 1230 to play cribbage. It suddenly got breezy again and umbrellas were blowing over. Mine stood firm which was quite impressive. Joseph, Janet and Gloria came down and they played rumicube over lunch.

Our friend, Mark, was playing in a threesome with Kevin Brown and another chap at a nearby shack and we went along to hear that. Bob, Joe and I were a bit late and got there at 2. What a lovely little place it was in a banana garden, tables in amongst the bananas. Joseph and Janet had some food there and it looked delicious. We were really enjoying the music – sort of soft island sounds – and then the power went off at about 240 which ended things abruptly. It must have been very localised as when we got back to Eve’s the power was all on. Such a shame and we will have to catch them again next week.

Stayed there reading and napping for the rest of the afternoon and then met up at 7 in the bar and walked down to Cow Corner restaurant. It’s just down the road and owned by an Austrian lady who produces fabulous Indian and Austrian food. It got its name because it is on a bend in the road and in the past the bend was the site of the village refuse collection point. A herd of cows and buffalo would frequent this corner eating the refuse. It has been totally tidied up in the last few years and rubbish collection is now done in a different manner but the herd of cows still hang out there overnight using some form of herd memory. Anyway, the restaurant is in a small traditional building there with a large and lovely garden lit with lanterns.

We had a super dinner. I had what I always choose: a chicken steak in a creamy mushroom sauce, Bob had chicken schnitzel with salad and chips, as did Joe. Gloria had a chicken burger and Janet had the Veggie Burger. All very lovely. Also they have vastly improved the service since we were here in 2020 when they used to do an odd thing and batch cook the meals. So, for instance , they would cook as many veggie burgers as all the tables had ordered and serve them, and then cook all the chicken schnitzels etc. It was a crazy system and lead to long waits for some and also people at the same table not being served at the same time. I’m sure it made sense to somebody, but not really to any of the customers. Thank god that’s changed. We washed the meals down with either beer for some or g&t for others. They served a gin called Tickle which was very aromatic. It also caused a rash of jokes around the table that our waiter chose to ignore having probably heard them far too many times eg “Please give me a large tickle” etc. We had a lovely evening. Our bill for 2 including drinks was £12 so not as cheap as some but very good value for the quality and quantity of the food. Will definitely go back.

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