Movie Night

More beach days as the weather continues hot and sunny. Tonight we went to see a movie on the beach at Nada Brahma, one of the shacks towards the south end. Like everything, it’s a short walk from Eve’s resort.

The film was “Triangle of Sadness” with Woody Harrelson. We got there about ten past 6 for the 7 pm showing and got good seats in the little arena surrounded by bamboo and palms. The food and drinks there are good. I ordered a Build Your Own Salad which in my case was boiled egg, beetroot and cheddar cheese on top of a large green salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing. Bob had a Pad Thai and a beer. I had a g&t. It came to about a tenner. We love the beach cinemas. We used to go to one in Palolem named the Nepalese Steakhouse because it was run by guys from Nepal and served……. steak!!!! But it closed down or moved…… Nada Brahma is the next best thing although they only show an adult film once a week.

So… the film…… hmmmmm….. to start with it was about 40 minutes too long probably because the director was also the writer and was too self indulgent to cut it. There were genuinely funny moments and also deep moments and pointed moments but they were lost in the prevailing fluff. I enjoyed it in part but I was also longing for it to be over in part. And it had a crap end. However, it won the Palme D’Or at Cannes so who am I to judge.

Walked back along the waters edge on the beach admiring the stars and the twinkling lights of the shacks in the trees behind the beach.

Stuart and Fi are on their way tonight and we shall see them by teatime tomorrow.

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