Dinners Out!

Last night we returned to Little Ganesh for dinner. It’s always good there. I had king prawns on a bed of coconut, coriander and onion. Nice place nice service.

Tonight we travelled by tuk tuk to the close by town of Palolem, just a few miles to the north. It’s much bigger and livelier than Patnem, and increasingly popular with Indian Tourists. I think Palolem has changed over the covid years a lot more than Patnem. Familiar shops had disappeared and some restaurants.

Our favourite restaurant is far too beloved of westerners and Indians alike to disappear though: Dropadi. Right above the beach in a prime spot. I’ve been coming here for years, even on my own when I was alone in Goa. Theyve always taken great care of me and the food and drink is sublime.

We had a table for 8 looking out to the beach and we got a welcome from the waiters who recognised us. I particularly like Dal Balti, a dish of 3 types of beans and lentils in a rich and spicy tomato sauce and topped with melted cheese. Its absolutely delicious. Bob had a chicken balti and we shared plain rice and a cheese and garlic butter naan. Trust me when I tell you that any naan you’ve had in the UK bears no relation to the flaky meltiness of an Indian Naan. We washed it down with g&ts served elegantly with a glass of cut limes and a silver gilt bucket of ice. The drink of choice at Dropadi is the frozen strawberry daquiri with fresh strawberries and several of our party enjoyed them.

A very lovely evening was had by all. Our days have been spent as usual in deep sunbathing relaxation enllivened by walks and swims. All is well in the world of sleepy little Patnem.