Sunset Cocktails and Italian Cuisine

More hot sunny days spent on the beach….. we’ve had a few jellyfish of late. Several people have been stung, although it is like a bad nettle sting. I am in and out of the water multiple times for long periods and in 2 weeks, I caught a graze from one on my ankle. They are saucer jellyfish with very short tentacles. A bit painful for 30 minutes in my case but Joseph got a right dab on his arm today and had a bad reaction.

Anyway, apart from that….. last night we ate on the beach at Namaste, and had a lovely dinner plus live entertainment from a German musician called Angel Ferry. He was really good – great guitarist plus a huge range of styles. We stayed on late to watch him.

Stuart has caught a hideous cold and sore throat somehow. He had to go to the pharmacy in Chaudi today and rhey gave him a short course of antibiotics which hopefully will clear it up.

Tonight we went to Boomshanka bar in Colomb for sunset cocktails. It is just the loveliest spot oveerlooking the rocky cove. They make really strong cocktails at about £2.80 each. Very delicious. The sunset was nice but largely obscured by haze on the horizon.. Took these photos on my phone. No filter involved, just as it was haze and all… We really enjoyed the cocktails though and were frankly squiffy as we walked around the end of Patnem beach to Magic View Italian restaurant. Boomshanka and Magic View are a totally linked night out for us.

I had fusilli pasta with a gorgonzola sauce and parmesan which is my go-to dish here. Utterly delicious. Bob had another pasta dish with tomato and chilli sauce. Most of the others had pizzas made in the wood ovens. They were enormous and we had to help out…. it was the only decent thing to do…. obviously…. fantastic night and ludicrously cheap by UK standards. We had a lot of good laughter mainly at our own expense.

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