Cocktails, Pizza and Palolem

Last night after a hot day at the beach, we all met up for sunset cocktails at Boomshankar bar in Colomb. We managed to get there in time to get the front row – went by tuk tuk, always an exciting ride through the Goan lanes. The only trouble (if you can call it that) about going early, is that you end up having two of the uber strong cocktails. They seem to have got the hang of western cocktails again now after several years of serving weaker and sweeter ones. I had my usual Passage to India, Bob had Black Russians, there were Strawberry daquiris around too…. It was a pretty rubbish sunset as it happens but a very enjoyable couple of hours


Walked down to Magic View where we met Joseph and Gloria who, perhaps wisely, had declined to join for cocktails. (Have I mentioned they’re about £2.50 each) . I, of course, had my usual gorgonzola fusilli with extra parmesan. Bob had prawn spaghetti, Joe had the same as me, and everyone else had the vegetarian pizzas. It was all totally amazing, just delicious food. They are so so much better since the change to more positve management. The previous manager had clearly become very weary of the whole business and was a bit of a downer….. Some people (nameless but not me) managed desserts of creme caramel and panacotta. It all came to about a tenner per couple including a g&t each and some water.

Today we had a change of scene and went to Cozy Nook shack at the far north end of Palolem Beach. Some people walked there – about 2 miles – but Bob and I opted for 30 mins extra in bed and a tuk tuk. The tuks take you to Dreamcatcher resort and then you walk through to Cozy Nook, on the beach. It’s improved in the last 3 years, because you used to have to walk through a funky little farm to get to Dreamcatcher, dodge the black pig and the chickens. Now they have built a little road access and car park to the back of Dreamcatcher and you walk from there. I used to like to see the black pig – often with piglets – but heyho.

Cozy Nook is the last shack at the northern end of the beach and in style is like a Caribbean beach bar in the aftermath of a hurricane. By which I mean everything is kinda windblown and tattered. The breakfasts are divine though. Hands down the best coffee to be had anywhere within driving distance. Then, they do rosti – so so so much better than the horribly over rated Home in Patnem. I had the Spanish Omelette which is crammed full of vegetables and covered with cheese. Bob had 2 poached eggs on rosti. Just lovely. Mine took me through the day.

The beach at that end of the bay is just idyllic. Totally sheltered by the headland and the sand is like powder. We swam and wallowed so much. There is barely a wave. Just perfect.

The day passed very well. We will be back again soon. Got some good news while there. Lucy has booked her flight so she and Geri will be with us for Bob’s birthday at the beginning of March and for 11 days. Daisy will still be here and so we will have both girls joining our gang

Tonight we all had dinner at Tantra on the beach. I had mutter paneer (peas and cheese in a savoury gravy), Bob had vegetable biriani and we had 2 double g&ts each. Came to a tenner for the two of us. Lovely. Very warm night and we enjoyed being under the stars on the beach.