Third Week

Our third week is now about half way through and it is just speeding by. Stuart has now almost fully recovered and today he joined us for a full day on the beach. It was great to see him up and about again.

The weather has been hotter than normal for this time of year – 34C today and forecast to be 38C in the coming week. We are in and out of the water all day. No more sign of jellyfish thank goodness. Lovely warm nights on the beach. We ate at sea front last night and they made a beach firepit bonfire.

We’ve been eating at all the usual favourites: sea front, cafe fiesta…. we were at cafe fiesta tonight to hear Angel ferry playing again. He was really good but the evening was somewhat spoiled by our neighbouring table which consisted of a man, three women and about 7 children, all Israelis. The children were absolutely feral and they charged around all the tables, screaming, yelling and kicking sand, knocking over chairs…. they dug a hole in the sand and went around stealing napkins off the tables and setting them afire in the hole….. the adults couldn’t care less and just sat there smoking spliffs and looking at their phones and tablets. Eventually they left minus a load of shoes which the kids had buried irretrievably in the sand….. I truly pity the other guests wherever they are staying – it looked like Home. I’d have to move out if they were in my hotel. Just the worst……

It has been mega busy around here since Thursday. Republic day and into a long weekend. All the accommodation is full and there are more cars and scooters than normal. One of the changes in the last 3 years is that the completion of major roads now brings more affluent Indian tourists to Goa and so Republic day is a big deal which it never has been before. Goans typically barely regard themselves as Indians and the event has been almost ignored here in the past. Interesting to see that change.

The cashew trees are coming into blossom and the papaya are growing well. Fruit around here is abundant. Bob went to the traditional barber on the beach road today for a shave and a haircut – came with a facial massage and moisturiser. A bargain at £4.