And Then They Were 13!!

We’ve had a couple of lazy days in rising temperatures. It was 37C today and with very little wind. A day for being in the ocean or sheltering under a beach umbrella. The monkeys were back this morning in the trees outside, gibbering and squeaking and jumping around.

Last night we ate at Dropadi in Palolem. Bob and I went in a little early as I wanted to shop for a full length kaftan. I wanted one in fine cotton but not a see thru one. I found a lovely turquoise, apple green and white one in a new shop for arount £17,50.

A sad bit of news though…. we’d gone hunting for Candlelight Arts, a Kashmiri jeweller we have bought a lot of things from over the years. Firstly, from the father and then from his son, finding them fair traders in a rather cut throat business. Anyway, the shop had disappeared so we made enquiries. Another Kashmiri jeweller from across the road told us that the owner (the son) had died of a massive heart attack while trekking in 2020, just after we saw him last…. he was only in his late 30s, so a terrible shock and his mother and sister had died shortly afterwards. I guess covid could have had a role to play but we will never know. We were very shocked and sad to hear the news.

We had a lovely dinner at Dropadi. The food and drink was excellent as usual. They really are the best.

Today our number swelled to 13 with the arrival of Sheena, David and their sons James and Matthew. It was the boys’ first time in Goa. They got to Eve’s at about 5pm, a little shell shocked and weary but game for the rest of the evening. We all met up about 630 for a g&t in the restaurant and then walked down to Tantra on the beach for dinner at 730. It was balmy under the stars and we had a lovely evening with much laughter and reminiscence. Looking forward to a great 2 weeks with them.