Remembering Janet

Unbelievably it has been 6 years since our dear friend, and Joe’s wife, Janet, died after a brief and brave battle with cancer. We all met on the beach in Goa in 2010 and became firm friends, spending time together both here and in the UK. She was a fabulous person, so sharp and funny, very stylish and interesting. We miss her company so much, but we still have Joe who is doing what he has to do…. going on and making the best of his days.

Last night we remembered her by going to Boomshanka and Msgic View, two restaurants that she loved and where we have very happy memories of her. It was really busy and despite our reservation at Magic View we had to split our party which was a bit disappointing. They were really overwhelmed to be honest and had overbooked themselves. Food was great but service was slow and I think we’ll wait a while before returning.

After dinner we walked across the beach to Tantra and listened to Angel Ferry playing at Namaste. It was still so hot with a big full moon. We stayed out till about 1130. The music stopped at 10pm as it must legally do here.

What else have we been up to???? Have done some beach walking, obviously loads of swimming, bobbing about and reading. Stuart is putting us all to shame, swimming over a mile a day, walking 2 miles….. he is a very good swimmer and swims the bay towing a high vis buoy with a tracker in it. Our friend, Mark, leads a water exercise class in the sea some mornings and we saw that on one walk.

Water exercise

Sheena and the family are settled in and enjoying the water very much. The sea is lovely and warm and we haven’t seen any jellyfish for some time.