Beach Days

Have spent the past few days enjoying the beach and swimming in the sea. Bob and Stuart played golf at the Lalit Hotel yesterday. It’s a really pretty 9 hole course snd as usual they had it entirely to themselves. It cost £23 each for the round, an electric buggy and club hire. Pretty good value. There are some interesting hazards but it’s one place where you don’t investigate too deep into the rough. They enjoyed themselves anyway.

Bob, being a Yorkshireman, likes to retrieve his lost balls. He was successful in the water hazard despite fear of crocodiles, but the banana grove was a step too far….. snakes, snakes… why did it have to be snakes????

Monday night saw us back at Nada Brahma on Patnem Beach for a film. It was Plane starring Gerard Butler and it was a very enjoyable yarn. Utter rubbish really but if you like Gerard Butler movies, you’d like it. Not going to win any awards but great fun.

We also ate at Sea Front one night. They had lamb and mutton on the menu so Bob and I enjoyed trying that. Very delicous and tender it was too. Their food is good as is the service.

Last night Sheena, Dsve, James and Matthew went to Chef Rahul’s cookery class in Palolem. We’ve been several times over the years and it really improved my Indian cooking. You learn how to make 5 dishes including a bread and a rice dish and then you eat them. He’s got a proper teaching kitchen with individual cook stations and its very reasonably priced. They had a fantastic time and really enjoyed it. A nice thing to do as a family.

Bob and I, Stuart and Fi went to try a new restaurant (on us) in Colomb Bay called Coastal Flavours. It gets very good tripadvisor reviews. It was very quiet but the food was excellent and the staff were very nice and attentive. I had a grilled spiced chicken breast, Bob had sweet and sour chicken, Fi had vegetable sizzler and Stuart had seafood sizzler. Couldn’t fsult it. Afterwards we walked back across the beach and enjoyed the big moon over the water


The rest of our gang had gone to movie night at Jaali Cafe. It was Everything, Everywhere, All at Once which was descrbed as an absurdist comedy sbout virtual realities and with kung fu. Sounded ghastly and indeed no one was left by the time the credits rolled, all had fled….. yikes!!!

Had some great swims in the waves today. The sea has just got warmer and warmer. Had a video call from my beach bed with my friend, Penny, back in freezing Folkestone. Technology is so amazing really. Stuart is getting on well with his swimming. Well over a mile sgain today in the waves. He carries his phone inside the waterproof buoy so Fi can track him . It’s a great device.

Tonight when we were resting before dinner, there was a rustling on our balcony and we had a visit from a little family of travellers. They swung off when they saw me peeping throught the patio curtains

Tonight we tuk’d into Palolem – some walked – to Dropadi, the hands down best restaurant there. They are always so welcoming and save us a front row table over the beach. We had a good mix of g&ts and strawberry daquiris…. then all manner of delicious food. I had crab shakwa again, a Goan speciality. There is no option with the dish other than to get major hands on and chow down. I had to have a big wash afterwards but by god it was fantastic. Utterly yum. We had a great evening.

Taxied back for a nightcap and telling of travel tales. A really good day.