Different Beaches

Yesterday we walked around the southern end of Patnem beach and around the rocks onto Rajbag Beach. It is only possible at certain stages of the tide but makes for a very good 2 mile walk. Behind Rajbag and set in the trees is the posh Lalit hotel. We initially walked there because we believed that Saturday was the banana festival. However, it is in fact, tomorrow, Monday.

At the far southern end of Rajbag beach is the Talpona River and we walked as far as that. It’s quite picturesque with the fishing boats there and a man with a small boat who will ferry you across.

In the evening Bob and I walked down onto the beach in Patnem and ate at Casa Fiesta, feeling a fish polllichattu moment. Stuart and Fi came down to join us. Very nice warm night.

Today, was Jean’s last day. She flies to Varanasi in the early hours of the morning and then back to Kathmandu after some time. Bob and I, Stuart and Fi had breakfast at Rangali, opposite the Chai Shop. It’s a basic little place but it offers a very good masala dosa, amongst other things. They have some amazing pot plants growing around the courtyard.

After breakfast we tuk’d to Galgibag (Turtle) Beach which is several bays south of Patnem. It’s a beautiful long beach with a lagoon at the south end. Set back in the trees behind the beach are some hut resorts and simple shack restaurannts. Because it’s a turtle beach, there can be nothing on the beach, no loungers, umbrellas…. nothing.

Behind the beach, the river that forms part of the lagoon wends around in a brackish flow and they farm oysters there. The oysters used to be about £1.20 for a dozen until some fool gave the game away!!!! They are now £4 for 6 but that’s cheaper than the UK. Our habit is to arrive, go to the shack of our choice – Surya or Santosh – and get them to put a bottle or two of white wine in the fridge. Then we go off and enjoy the sea and the lagoon, moving between the two. They are both so clear and warm. About 1.30 we return to the restaurant and have a seafood lunch with the cold white wine. Which is what we did today. It was idyllic to be honest.

Joseph and Janet also came to the beach but they didn’t stay for lunch. We left at 3pm and came back for a rest.

About 6:30 we headed down to Cow Corner with Jean and the rest of our gang for a farewell dinner. I had crispy mushrooms with a dip of mushroom sauce. All the food was very lovely but the portions are too big. Bid Jean a bon voyage till next year.

Now we are 8 for a few days with a change this week when Joe departs and our younger daughter Daisy and her friend Lisa arrive.

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